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VetVi is a team of professionals from various subject areas, united around the idea of creating an effective toolkit for working with a frontier scientific and technological agenda, combining the advantages of classical analytical tools and elements of approaches from the field of technological art.

We are developing new forms of collaboration as multi-day programs and individual short modules that allow universities, communities, corporate and private clients to work with a previously inaccessible, frontier level of strategic goals. At the level where the uncertainty is extremely high, the terminological apparatus is not coordinated, and the complexity and multidimensionality of hypotheses and solutions does not allow us to get by with the usual languages and descriptions.
Art|Science|Tech - a zone of hybrid practices emerging between Art, Science and Engineering allowing New Ways of working with new phenomena, complex objects and interdisciplinary knowledge are born.
The Contact Zone of Art, Science and Technology (Art|Science|Tech) is home to often intuitive practices that are not native to either Science or Art – we call them "wild". These are Other practices to accelerate the meaning, transform models and theories of science, art and its subjects. In this zone, which functions as an experimental research facility, methods are born that allow one to see, understand and reproduce the laws of changing the boundaries of the natural and the artificial, the living and the inanimate, the familiar and the impossible. We study and domesticate these practices by putting them into a technologically reproducible interface that enables scientific and engineering creativity.

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On the frontier of scientific and technological development, all important and complex issues can be posed and discussed only in the languages of many disciplines at once - genetic engineering, AI, robotics, neuroscience, and so on. Transdisciplinary synthesis in description and design is overcoming the boundaries of the known, meeting with unpredictable diversity, from which the New is born.

Our practitioners use the genetic property of art - the ability to overcome disciplinary boundaries and the use of applied and scientific technologies as means of expression in a universal cultural context. This makes any project based on our technology genetically transdisciplinary, and the technology itself - a new tool for interdisciplinary work, applicable wherever it is needed.
New technologies and their transformative impact on the essence of the human, big questions and new narratives, new heroes and unexpected turns of global scenarios - all this appears in the zone of interdisciplinary art earlier, ahead of the main stream of time.

With proper skill and ability to operate in this complex area, these "info-packages" can be successfully unpacked into the formulation of company development priorities, images of new product lines, breakthrough research topics, bold entrepreneurial hypotheses, and, finally, personal scenarios for creative implementation.
METHOD of TECHNOLOGICAL METAPHOR (MTM) is what we call a collection of technologized practices that we have taken from the "Zone" of extreme uncertainty and and adapted to life outside of it. MTM is a research setting, by placing a topic of your choice and aiming it at a problem of interest, you can see where shifts in meanings and activities will occur, opening up new opportunities for projects, research, creativity or business.

Technology and Art are the most human things in the world and therefore the practice of MTM is as deeply anthropological as it is anti-anthropocentric, constantly problematizing the boundaries of the human.
The successful mission of the stalking finding artifacts significant for answering questions is the key metaphor and ideology of the proposed programs. The process is a series of repetitive trips, differing from each other in increasing instrumental equipment. At each iteration, the journey into the space of questions is accompanied by work with the artistic metaphor of this question and its technical expression.

MTM as a Method of Technological Metaphor is a technologized Stalking, a tamed practice that we have drawn from the Interaction "Zone" of science, engineering and art. This practice contains the stalking gene - traveling to the Zone for wonderful artifacts.
In the "Zone" of interaction between Science, Technology and Art, practices are born, live and transform - repetitive patterns and ways of acting, communicating and thinking about the world. Technology is a mean or tool that guarantees the same result every time. It's something predictable and understandable. When we say that we extract "Wild", "Other" practices from the Zone and tame them, we are talking about the fact that we are creating technologies. Processes, techniques, method, artifacts, box solutions. Something that can be taken and used to solve very specific problems.

Reproducibility, clarity and predictability of the result and even the product is not a property of "iron", it is a property of any technology, including the humanitarian one. When we find, tame practices from the Zone and domesticate them, we create technologies from what used to be the intuition and property of the masters. We make it accessible to everyone. Our technology is a humanitarian technology, a managed and productive portal to the Zone, allowing those who need it to work with its resources.
It is often the artists, with their intuitive practices, that allow scientists and engineers to grope for a vision of the future. The Methodof Technological Metaphor (MTM) technologizes the possibilities of transdisciplinary discourse at the meeting point of ArtScienceTech, allowing you to mark the space for a future breakthrough.
//Our Mission
We are convinced that the great interest in transdisciplinary search in the scientific and business communities will inevitably lead to a large number of breakthrough solutions that will significantly affect the agenda for seeing the future. We are also convinced that the Art|Science|Tech direction we have chosen is the key to these transformations. We see it as our goal to provide tools that will allow us to search and find solutions in the field of strategic development faster.

We see that the application of the main method of our approach - the Method of Technological Metaphor - not only allows us to strengthen the competitive advantages of our clients, but also adds a new, interesting, deep and meaningful agenda to the life of each program participant. And for us, as developers, this result seems to be no less valuable than the main goal - the ability to identify new opportunities for strategic movement.
We propose modules for group work of varying intensity and duration using MTM. Programs are in demand in the following situations: business transformation (as a technology) against the backdrop of changing market conditions, the need to build (adjust) a frontier agenda for strategic development, search for completely new areas to develop with the maximum capitalization of available resources of one type or another, a request for renewal or formation (strengthening ) creative possibilities of teams in the situation of R&D agenda and transformation of the basic concepts of the development of the current offer to the Market.

We propose programs in two formats:

- Consulting support for teams and departments in the context of approved roadmaps and strategic projects for the development and transformation of the university, participation in the formation of laboratories and curricula in the field of Art|Science|Tech.

- Strategic sessions for the dean's pool, teaching staff, teams of laboratories working at the intersection of engineering, biotechnology, and the development of innovative solutions in the areas profiled for the university.
A range of programs of various duration and format, aimed at familiarizing with the most actively developing and promising area of work with ideas and tasks in the world - the hybrid way of thinking Art&Science&Tech. For those who are curious and ready to find new sources for personal growth and inspiration through an interesting and challenging intellectual agenda.
"We are convinced that the technological art today contains the seeds of future discoveries, changes in market conditions, social and political relations".
"The best solutions are not under the disciplinary lamp, but in the shadows between different disciplines".
Make great presentations, longreads, and landing pages, as well as photo stories, blogs, lookbooks, and all other kinds of content oriented projects.

Make great presentations, longreads, and landing pages, as well as photo stories, blogs, lookbooks, and all other kinds of content oriented projects.

We pose a problem, we formulate a focus. In this part, we look for a topic and create a map of it, which helps us to see the issue in the broadest possible way, taking into account our own interests.
We are looking for an artistic metaphor for a new perspective of the problem. The MTM Methodof Technological Metaphor is the technique that we use in this part, which allows us to find a solution.
We think about how we make a project and how we exhibit it. So we are working on the technological part of the project.
Again and again we return to three spaces, having a concept and an idea of the desired result.

As a result, we get the assembly of the concept of the project.
MTM Method
Group work on the creation of art objects using the MTM method©
Special games to awaken creativity
Morning Setups and
Evening Reflections
Special accompaniment of participants for better mastering of the program
Creative Practices
Meditations, improvisations and art performances
Lecture Hall
Curated content from experts to explore key topics in the arts, sciences and technology
Personal time for thoughts, walks, creativity, discoveries
City Focus
Visiting iconic centers of art life and meeting with experts in major cities
Bio Focus
Working with the climate agenda and bio-ethics as part of a separate track
You have accumulated a pool of original ideas and you know how to start the process of creating them.
The world sparkled with new colors, sounds, smells, and all this gives you joy and energy.
You have been enriched by the experience of co-creation, A&S stalking and art breakthroughs.
You saw a whole range of new resources for your own development and the joy of life.

You know that the Creator lives in you and he is always ready to help
You know how to run it again and again.
First of all, we are an ambitious team, well prepared to solve complex problems, which is interested in your and their serious success.

The MTM approach we propose is based on extensive experience in developing, implementing, reversing engineering of humanitarian technologies and interdisciplinary projects with a deep scientific and engineering component; projects designed to answer the questions of formation of strategic tasks placed in the future.

Timur Shchukin
PhD Psychology and Psychophysiology, techno entrepreneur, program designer, expert of SKOLKOVO School of Management, professional moderator with 20 years of experience in conducting strategy sessions, round tables, educational programs. Expert in the field of psychophysiology, neurophysiology, biofeedback, TRIZ approach.
Irina Antonova
Methodist of educational programs, psychologist, designer of educational management programs for managers and entrepreneurs, moderator, game practitioner, new media artist. 15 years of experience in business education and project management. Co-founder of NakedMinds Lab (Collective Intelligence Technologies).
Elena Stasova
Business trainer, coach, moderator, game practitioner, organizer of educational management programs. Program Director of the Applied Gamification Program, co-founder of the Game Practice and Moderators Club.
20 years of experience in business education. Master in Fluid Art.

Dina Grigolaya
Sociologist, entrepreneur, teacher. 15 years of business practice in the field of strategic consulting, marketing research, promotion for the largest companies - industry leaders in the Russian Federation and the world. Extensive practice of supporting technological, innovative businesses at the stage of formation of the basic business model and the key idea of the development strategy.

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Photo materials used from following resources:,, @_iranti_ (Irina Antonova),
Sougwen Chung, Artist (research project on exploring the nature of procedural mark-making as a visual collaboration between artist and machine)

Images are used from following exhibitions: "New Elements", Art and Science Laboratory, Tretyakov Gallery, 2021-2022; HYDRA, SevKabel, 2021-2022; "New Nature" WinZavod, 2021-2022; "Код Искусства" Граунд Солянка, 2021-2022; "Let the Other Live in Me", Art and Science Laboratory, Tretyakov Gallery, 2021; "Number as an Image", Gallery А3, 2021; "Live Substance", Tretyakov Gallery, 2021; "Art-Park Nikola Lenivets", 2021.

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